Monday, December 31, 2012

The Paper Trail

If you’re an American and plan on giving birth in Laos my advice is take lots of photos and save all your receipts.

What they don’t (yet) tell you on the US Embassy website. Although the kind folks at the embassy 
said they will be updating the website with this info. In the meantime..

As of December 2012


If you gave birth in Laos, this is the list of paperwork you need to submit to the US Embassy to report a birth abroad pass on American citizenship. 

Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad

An affidavit of physical presence from the US Citizen Parent. (They give you this at embassy)

Evidence of the US Citizenship of the American parent. One of the following:
US Passport
US Birth Certificate
Certificate of Naturalization
Consular Report of Birth Abroad
Or a certified true copy from a notary public of one of the above.

Original identity card or passport of Lao citizen

Original birth certificate. – In Laos you need both from hospital AND from District Office.

Supporting evidence of child’s birth – hospital prenatal records, receipts, sonograms, photos of mother while pregnant.

Evidence of termination of any prior marriage (divorce decree or death certificate)

Marriage certificate AND supporting evidence of relationship – wedding photos etc.

Transmission Requirements – Evidence of residency in US prior to child’s birth. (I brought my high school and college transcripts.

If mother or father is US citizen, evidence that mother or father was with Lao parent during conception. Rental receipts, matching Lao / US immigration stamps, airline tickets, etc.

Appearance of child at embassy, so consular can verify existence.

Fee for paperwork in Cash.

Best wishes! :-)

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