Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome Lily! Our 2nd Lao birth story

Our little girl arrived Sunday, Sept. 1st at 6am, less than 2 hours after I got to the hospital.
Her name is Lily Namfon, which means Lily Rain or if you put grammatically correct in Lao, Rain Lily, which is a small beautiful pink flower. Also, she was born during rainy,  monsoon season.

I knew the Sturday before she would be coming very soon, but I was hoping she would wait a few more days. Friday I had gone to see my doctor for fetal monitoring and my doctor then informed me she had to go to Thailand for 3 days and introduced to me my (gulp) male, non-English speaking doctor. Now, granted I gave birth in this hospital before but my doctor was lovely, and I was so happy she would be assisting me with this birth as she already knew everything I wanted..but now a new doctor! And since passa hospital ( Lao hospital language) is not my strong point I was even mor scared. Scared too since they said my little girl was big and that they may have to do c section but wouldn't know until I was in labor. Ahhhh!

So 4 am Sunday I knew she wasn't waiting until my doctor was back. It was time. Now. Called my sister in law who lives next door and she had her truck ready in 5 minutes ( I really  didn't want to have to go to the hospital on motorbike..phew). By 4:15 the new doctor checked me and said I was already at 7cm so he said I'd be delivering soon. Now, in a Lao hospital women walk around right up until delivery, so that's what I did. Besides, gravity helps things progress, don't tell me to lie down! So I walked the halls of Setthathirath hospital for the next hour or so, in my birthing Lao skirt that's required stopping to hold on something a contractions grew and I practiced my visualizations of clouds or ocean waves saying to myself out loud " I can do this" ... Then when the doctor called me to check again it was time. He ordered me up on the table and I admit, I fought about holding on to the stupid metal hand grips and he said push and I again fought, saying its not time. He said its time for your baby to come out, push!!!!! And once again I said its not time, and all the while my poor husband is there holding my hand and he says to me, "Lily's head .. I can see, push!" So ok, I'll listen to my husband but not the doctor, laugh.... So I pushed. 3 or was it 4 times and pop! There she was!

It was all over and I was back in my room at the international clinic side by 6:20. Once again a natural birth, no meds for the birth but now it was time for meds for me. Because she came so fast I had a lot of bleeding. A lot. Even my doctor was little worried. I was scared to death about them saying I would need a blood transfusion, so I did everything they asked to prevent that.. 3 bags of pitocin, shots to stop bleeding, suppositories to stop the bleeding, laying only on my back for a day (not fun) but on day 2 it stopped. My Lao doctor also during this time ordered me NOT to observe the local custom of laying by the fire or drinking anything hot ..he said it had the potential to make the bleeding worse. I did feel bad for my husband since these customs are the norm for his village, ESP. Because the doctor said, "don't do as Lao people did 100 years ago.."

So I was in the hospital longer than expected but I didn't mind, it gave me quiet time with La and our little girl before coming home to a busy house with our 1 year old son River and all the visitors. And family. Yeah, the hospital was actually relaxing..5555

So, here I am. Hopefully, finished with childbirth..2 is enough..everyone says we have good luck, one boy, one girl. I agree.. I couldn't be happier...Now its time to bring on the momma game.

Welcome to the world my little girl!