Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Herbal Baby Care - Best gas remedy ever!

It's an herbal "roll-on". The main ingredient is Feruala foetida (botanical name) Asafoetida (English) or Ma Ha Hing in Thai. It's a roll on you can apply a little baby's belly in gentle clockwise circles and wait for him to let out the gas. ;) It was recommended to me by a Thai grandmother and although I was a little nervous to try it, I've used it a few times in the past month with River.

In Thai Herbal Medicine Asafoetida is considered a "hot" herb. Traditionally a poultice would be made of the  resin from the roots.

You can learn more about Thai Herbs in the book "A Thai Herbal" by Dr. Pierce Salguero, my former teacher and friend. You can purchase MaHaHing in Laos at most pharmacies for about 27,000kip.


  1. This is such a great information you share here that very useful for knowing all parents. It is true that herbal baby care products are very useful for baby that help to remove pain of your baby.

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  2. its effects are truly magical! FYI-works impeccably for adults as well

  3. We used this on our first son. He had colic and it helped him immensely! We're in America now and I'm searching for it. Our 2nd baby has colic and we need more!

  4. In the US you can find it at Middle Eastern/Indian shops if you have one, as "asafoetida". You'll know it's the right one by the smell for sure. If you have trouble locating it, contact my friend David at http://www.thai-institute.com/ and he could supply you with the Thai version or help you locate it stateside. Best wishes!

  5. Do you remember when you were a baby and your parents or grandparents would give you a gift? Even if it was the best gift in the world, it wasn’t Christmas or a birthday if it was just one gift. You wanted several gifts.

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  6. Oh my, yes it is! I've been using this since Tessa was a wee infant. And took stock to the US too. Now, I'm taking some for my sister's baby:)