Saturday, April 21, 2012

Medicinal Plant Garden at the Institute of Traditional Medicine, Vientiane

Photos from my recent visit to the Institute of Traditional Medicine  (Run by the Ministry of Health, Lao PDR)

Offerings at the Institute include: A small traditional medicine clinic, herbal sauna, pharmacy and medicinal plant garden.

(Note: I picked the worst month of the year to photograph the garden, apologies. We are in the middle of our hot & dry season here in Vientiane. I will try to do more photos during rainy season.)

Bixa Tree

Monday, April 16, 2012

Things we do

We haven’t bought a TV yet since we moved into the family house.(The house came empty..$ ouch!) 

But between preparing to have a baby, building our own house, La finishing up 8 years of Art school and myself finishing another level of Montessori studies along with keeping up with my herbal studies and day to day working, I don’t think we've really missed having one.

When we do have free time, it often leads to a project. This is the latest.

La saw a garden shop locally selling these Nam Tok (waterfalls) recently. He went back a few days later and took photos then proceeded to come home and decide he could do it for a lot less. Besides, anyway for him to have more little fish ponds he’s up for. He spent the next week of late afternoons sifting cement, building, rebuilding, breaking brick and creating this water fall. 

Then we went to a fish supply store and for 500baht (about 15USD) bought the pump and filter. We added fish from another little fish pond we have and transplanted some baby papyrus from another. So, all in all the project cost us under 30USD (1000baht). 

It’s quite relaxing on the hot nights we are having now to sit outside with a glass of tea and listen to the water babble and watch the fish swim.

Although, being about 98F daily here now I wish it was big enough for me to swim in too. J