Thursday, October 11, 2012

Language mayhem

La and I made a pact that he would speak Lao and I'd speak English with our little man. However, I am realizing I haven't been speaking English at all with River..gotta work on that. Otherwise his chance of picking up English is quite small considering his father and I are the only ones around him that speak it. 

Just feels rude speaking English when everyone else is speaking Lao. :D 

Would love to hear from other Lao / English families... (yeah I know that's a strectch of a request condsidering how much of the world doesn't speak Lao... but...

Wondering how other bilingual families work it? Comments appreciated. ;) 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it's a tiny bug...

and it bothers me..... lalala. We have a song we sing in the preschool I teach at about mosquitoes. The mozzies get smacked in the song. With good reason.

Right now I am on a daily smash and destroy all mozzies mission. I've been MIA because I'm just getting over Dengue Fever. Yeah, tomorrow River is 6 weeks old and I've spent a week and a half of it flat out with a stupid tropical mosquito spread fever. (Has made me reconsider what I think about the snow and ice of NY...) Well..... rainy season isn't over yet... so another month of living with the anti mozzy 'nets... :/