Monday, March 12, 2012

Prenatal Nutrition - Lao Style

Fresh Coconut - cocos nucifera

On my last visit to the Mother & Infant Hospital here in Vientiane, the above was one of my "prescriptions". (I will note, a prenatal vitamin and calcium was also included on the list.) Fresh coconut juice to be consumed daily. My husband (who is Lao) seems more intent on making sure I drink my daily dose of coconuts than my prenatals.

However, there is actually quiet a bit of science to this logic. (I'll leave you to google details, as there is a wealth of info online about the benefits of coconut.) The basic truth is Coconut has long been considered a nutritive tonic amoungst the Southeast Asians. It is often prescribed by traditional doctors for cases of low immunity and low energy. (Source: A Thai Herbal - Pierce Salguero) Something this mom to be is both of. :) Not to mention, it is just plain yummy. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

a new chapter


Welcome to the first post from Frog & Moon!

I'm Kelly and I've been living in Laos since 2009. I'm also a soon-to-be-mom, due in August 2012.
This blog is to share my love of Laos, all thing DIY, Art, Plant Medicine and Montessori.

(painting by Kristina Lim) 

A little background on Frog & Moon. The story of the Frog and Moon is a folktale in Laos. It also happened on the night I found out I was pregnant, so it's rather special to me. (and here I thought everyone was lighting fireworks and shooting at the moon because of my good news... j/k) 

The tale of the Frog and Moon goes something like this:

"The folktale tells of a giant frog that tried to eat the moon. This in reality is how the Lao explain a lunar eclipse. The disappearance of the moon is taken as a bad sign, so Lao people make a great effort of scaring the frog away from the moon. They fire their guns into the air and make as much noise as they can. The frog is frightened by the noise and it releases its grip on the moon and it is restored to its original shape."

So the moon stays the moon and the frog goes back to eating what frogs eat and in the end all is quiet again when the people put away the noisemakers. 

But for me, my life won't quite be the same as before the frog tried to eat the moon. :)

I look forward to sharing and learning as I start this new chapter. 
With love,