Friday, May 16, 2014

Where is Frog and Moon?

My goodness time flies... Especially when you are chasing around a 20 month old and an 8 month old.

Aside from mom time, I've been working on completing my Montessori Elementary studies, while doing alot of online research and application of the Reggio Emilia method. I've also transferred my job to another Kindergarten here in Vientiane. While I was sad to leave an official Montessori school, it was time. So I have started another chapter at another school who is already implanting many Montessori approaches. (And more to come ;) ) I've also moved in a new home out in the countryside a bit, that lets my 2 kiddos get plenty of outdoor time... no nature deficit disorder here.

You can generally find me on FB: kellyinlaos

I'm toying with the idea of doing a FB page for Frog and Moon as that just seems darn easier than trying to keep up a blog. (Which obviously I fail at.)