Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pre-Natal Herbal Medicine - Hmong Style

Hmong herb vendors outside Talat Sao (Morning) Market, Vientiane. They set up everyday and are quiet popular with the locals. Actually most markets have one or two traditional medicinal vendors, however this area usually has around 8 or 9 set up.

Yesterday I had go pay some bills and couldn't resist looking. Ended up buying one for making birth easier, but only because I felt bad that La was taking so many photos.  Since I've already got a huge supply of traditional Lao herbs from M, my mother-in-law, I picked the one I could plant. :-)

This woman had medicine to help birth easier, medicine for more milk and medicine to poop easier after  childbirth... along with medicine women who want to conceive. 


(And yes, I'm in the b/w polkadot dress... again.... at 39+ weeks it's one of the few comfortable things I can wear..)

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