Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston from afar.

I know it's just on more voice, but I can't help but feel the need to say something about what happened in Boston.

It's Pii Mai holiday here in Lao. Lao New Year. Making it 2556.

Yet, there first day of the new year now is marred. April 16th wasn't a good day.

You know the news. I won't repeat all that here. But I couldn't help but not feel much for new year this year when back home so many are hurting. Being a mom now it hurts even more to hear of little ones dying. Boston. Afganistan. Iraq. Lao. Anywhere.

I grew up in NY. I also spent 13 years living in Providence, RI which for those not aquinted with the northeast as much, it's a 30 min T (subway) ride to Boston. Needless to say I played there quite a bit. The museums, the restaurants, Quincy Square, Chinatown...

So. There isn't anything I can say or do, but send love to those affected, and hope someday the world is better.

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