Thursday, October 11, 2012

Language mayhem

La and I made a pact that he would speak Lao and I'd speak English with our little man. However, I am realizing I haven't been speaking English at all with River..gotta work on that. Otherwise his chance of picking up English is quite small considering his father and I are the only ones around him that speak it. 

Just feels rude speaking English when everyone else is speaking Lao. :D 

Would love to hear from other Lao / English families... (yeah I know that's a strectch of a request condsidering how much of the world doesn't speak Lao... but...

Wondering how other bilingual families work it? Comments appreciated. ;) 



  1. (I've tried leaving at least 2 attempts to comment from my iPhone and it wouldn't let me!)

    It's so funny that I'm the vice versa: I am desperately trying to remember to use more Lao in our house because all he hears is English! I use the Laotian word for common things we say like 'nome' for nursing or '(sah) tu' for asking for things. Maybe use common, everyday used words in English and that's a good start maybe? :)

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Hubby and I share laptop, and 4 month old doesn't like to let mommy have quiet time to often when she gets home from work. ;)

    Try using dooooooooiiiiii for calming. (Like the yes you say when speaking to elders.) And calling him 'Ai". Although, I swear the calling your kid Ai is just gonna give him an ego. 555